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Pete Finnigan's Database Software Website

Welcome to my database software website. First let me summarize my other interests and sites. My main interest of Oracle, security and Oracle Security its contents do not fit into any of my other web sites subject areas. My main interests are Security, Oracle Security in particular, database security. One of my other interests is web development, which I have come into mainly due to building and maintaining my Oracle Security website. My off-topic website is also available as is my programming, scripting, computer books and Open source site.

This site will be my place to talk about the most popular database software packages where the discussion does not impinge on the security aspects of the my writings. I do have interests generally in the database software outside of security. This i have found helps you to understand the products better and therefore secure them better. I plan to add links to articles, papers, presentations, tools and books on this site.

As with my other sites there is also a plan to add a blog. In fact the blog will be the mainstay of this site along with the other items mentioned above.

To keep things clean I will segregate the information for each database package into its own pages. Initially this will be for Oracle and MySQL but others will be added soon.